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Scraps and other recordings that just don't quite fit anywhere else.


released January 30, 2011



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Track Name: Order to Cease and Desist by Columbia Records LLC
I wonder if I'll get sued for this. Probably not; I tend to slip under the radar.

This track actually has a long history to it, though. As a kid I had this weird obsession with Savage Garden. I didn't really care for the sappy romance songs that were their claim to fame, but their upbeat powerpop tracks (sometimes smattered with a healthy dose of electronic influence) were swoon-worthy for my young self. It didn't hurt, I'm sure that the singer was very easy on the eyes as well (Darren Hayes, I still think you're a sexy beast, so if your're out there reading this...).

So, just out of morbid curiosity and the desire to laugh at how retarded I was as a child, I looked up some of the Savage Garden stuff that wasn't especially popular here in the States.

I was aware of the Affirmation album in the days of my youth, but I wasn't too big a fan of it- especially the title track. I found it to be boring and just too positive for my tastes.

Now upon a listening with my modern ears, I still don't much care for it... BUT I found myself agreeing with almost everything said in the song. In many cases quite passionately. So I said to myself "Self, fuck it! I know that we'll never find a good multi-track recording of this song, but we should remix it for the sake of fuck. You're mildly inspired, just go with it and quit complaining!"

To this I responded "But, Self! It's the first of May! Outdoor fucking starts today, but more importantly it's the first day that I can start serious work on my fifth album of the year! Making such a remix would just detract from my time dedicated to my year-long free music project!"

Upon hearing this, myself bitch-slapped me and said "You'll be fine, fag! Just half-ass it and throw it in the misc folder. Nobody cares!"

"Yes, sir." I replied and began my journey into what you have now before you. Enjoy this shitty song, over a decade in the making.